"P and I would like to thank you for taking us out to Milford Sound. Going on the side trips and seeing your favourite places as well as the tourist places made it a very special trip. We both felt that it was an absolutely wonderful day. 
We also really liked the photos you gave us. It was a lovely gesture." L

"I want to thank you again for an amazing afternoon. E and I had a fantastic time. And I especially appreciated your perspectives on both photography and the New Zealand region. What a wonderful and unexpected bonus to our trip!" D

"David was a delightful tour guide with deep knowledge of Southland area of New Zealand. As might be expected, he knew excellent photographic sites and good times to visit. He was very open to our whims. Spending more time in some areas and modifying the tour as weather and energy levels changed." M

"We haven’t stopped to breathe, let alone do photo selects, but when we do I’ll send over a few of our favs from the day.
 We had a great time and I would be more than happy to write a recommendation." J

"Hi David,
Ah I was wrong, but the NZ native forest is such a great environment for woodpeckers that they must have been living here in the past.
Indeed, wouldn't it be nice if the huia got rediscovered one day, just as the takahe and kea were
Was great meeting you, had a wonderful day!" S

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